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The Zim 3D Personal Printer

It's another week and obviously time for another new 3D printer launch on Kickstarter. This week the Zim 3D printer launched, hoping to raise funds for its first production run. With new 3D printers launch almost daily, it is very difficult for new entrants to distinguish themselves above the other offerings. What does Zim offer? First, we must say their 3D printing mechanism is quite comparable to alternatives. It uses similar filament, extruders and motion gear to produce objects on its (optional) heated bed with resolution similar or slightly better than the competition. First, their filament management seems superior to the traditional spools

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17 Sep
Fabbaloo @fabbaloo
The Zim 3D Personal Printer http://t.co/d9uQBvvjeJ #3DPrinting
16 Sep
3D Printing @3Dable @3Dable
FA #3DP: The Zim 3D Personal Printer http://t.co/ln5hdcHzY8 #3D #3DPrinting
16 Sep
fabbing @fabbing
The Zim 3D Personal Printer http://t.co/hYQZNJmQO4 #3dprinting