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The limits of 3D printing


MakerBot Industries LLC CEO Bre Pettis described the rapid evolution of consumer 3D printing at a September workshop for hardware manufacturing startups in New York."Five years ago, we were really excited to be shipping 20 MakerBots a month," Pettis told attendees at the Maker Faire event. Now the company ships thousands of units a year.MakerBot may present the ideal model for an upstart tech outfit. Founded half a decade ago, the company arranged a $400 million sale to Stratasys Ltd. over the summer, and the price could reach $600 million if the Brooklyn company hits its targets.Though 3D printing is a quarter-century old, you could

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08 Oct
B3dge @Build3dprinter
The limits of 3D printing - The Deal Pipeline http://t.co/sYB0EwblcZ #3dprinting