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The future of consumer 3D printing: What's real...

It’s the story not of tools but of people. A publisher. An entrepreneur. A design professor. A middle school teacher. Two museum educators. And a creative director.Each provides an important viewpoint on why new technologies and communities of making are bringing us back to something deeply human.'So far, writers have assumed that ‘makers’ are pretty similar to ‘hackers’ (ie, mostly men, mostly young, etc), and what they are up to is much the same as in the software world. In fact, women play a much larger role in open hardware and ‘making’ culture than in open source software culture'-Grenzfurthner/Scheider's description of hackerspace: Hackerspace

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03 Oct
B3dge @Build3dprinter
The future of consumer 3D printing: What's real, what's coming, and what's hype http://t.co/56QlPZBdzU