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The first tetrahedral 3D prints

meshagon collection

When I wrote about Dizingof’s tetrahedral meshes, a Todd Doehring, Ph.D. commented to inform me that he was the first to produce 3D printed tetrahedral models, what he calls meshagons. I love those types of comments because they end up in me learning so much, so I got in touch with Todd.TD: The main tetrahedral mesh generation program was written by me over the last 10 years or more. It is called VolMesh. It is based on the work of Olaf Persson’s ‘Distmesh’ program. I did this for bioengineering analysis and also for teaching in class (and also because I’m obsessed with meshing). The idea is to take a volumetric image, either from MRI/CT, or

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14 Sep
Dizingof @dizingof
My comment on "The first tetrahedral 3D prints" via @3DPrinter_net - http://t.co/k7YFM9b3xH <-- Plus my free tutorial | #3dprinting
13 Sep
3DPrinter.net @3DPrinter_net
The very first tetrahedral 3D prints http://t.co/Oem4w9FjtU #3dprinting
13 Sep
Moxie3D @moxie3d
The first tetrahedral 3D prints http://t.co/sWS2FPZZzx via @3dprinter_net
13 Sep
3DPrinter.net @3DPrinter_net
RT @3dprintin: #RT The first tetrahedral 3D prints http://t.co/b98fCQLPIa #3dprinting
13 Sep
fabbing @fabbing
The first tetrahedral 3D prints http://t.co/MtcmuGWoNy #3dprinting