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The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer

There's very few details available about the XYZPrinting da Vinci F1.0 3D printer, made by the team of Taiwan-based Kinpo Electronics and Cal-Comp Electronics, subsidiaries of the Kinpo Group. We do know that the device will sell for only USD$499, one the absolute lowest-priced filament-driven personal 3D printers available today. The new machine will be on display in Taiwanese stores this month and pre-orders are being accepted online. Kinpo's business plan is extremely aggressive: they hope to sell one MILLION da Vinci's over the next three years. To put this in perspective, we believe the entire all-time sales from all manufacturers of personal

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05 Sep
Fabbaloo @fabbaloo
The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer http://t.co/fCbHEs7RvM #3DPrinting
04 Sep
3DKitbash @3DKitbash
The Da Vinci: new cheap lil $500 printer to be available soon. Looks cool, wish there was more info about it... http://t.co/of1uZXy8EQ
04 Sep
RT @Best3dprint: The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer http://t.co/hgQakRzeMU General Fabb http://t.co/DDhbsRhy5u
04 Sep
B3dge @Build3dprinter
The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer http://t.co/Oui2SenCx8
04 Sep
3D Printing @3Dable @3Dable
FA #3DP: The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer http://t.co/WQEBBcdsJn #3D #3DPrinting