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Not Quite a Nuclear 3D Print

Some 3D models are lousy for 3D printing - they may be difficult to print, expensive or just plain dull. But this one is interesting. As you can see, it's a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. With an LED light installed in a version printed in plastic of the correct translucency, it looks great. Almost real, albeit a bit smaller and somewhat less dangerous than a real one. But there's a few problems with this particular model, which can be found at Thingiverse at the link below. The model is entirely solid, which makes the notion of implanting a light rather impractical. Worse, a solid item like this will involve 3D printing a massive amount

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10 Sep
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Not Quite a Nuclear 3D Print http://t.co/bodAJIssRJ #3DPrinting
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Not Quite a Nuclear 3D Print http://t.co/z7upGlF695