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Meet the Mini Metal Maker: A basic, sub-$1,000 3D printer that prints metal

3D printers can make fantastic shapes, whether someone wants to create an interlocking shape with no seams or even a bacon-textured mobius strip.As a result, jewelry makers have found it to be a valuable way to manufacture goods. But unless they go through a service like Shapeways, any home or community printing is generally limited to what they can make out of plastic. It’s just not possible to work with metal on personal 3D printers.The Pueblo, Col., team behind the Mini Metal Maker wants to bring a limited form of metal 3D printing into maker and artist homes via their Indiegogo campaign. The machine prints metal clay, which is composed of

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13 Nov
B3dge @Build3dprinter
Meet the Mini Metal Maker: A basic, sub-$1000 3D printer that prints metal - GigaOM http://t.co/QL2KL9M6Ng #3dprinting