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Martyn Roberts - The life and times of a motorcylce maker

My career as a motorcycle engineer started by accident really, perpetuated by a love of motorcycles rather than any specific training. I had actually studied mechanical engineering at Leeds University before undergoing a five year apprenticeship at BAE Systems (then British Aerospace). In 1981 I applied for a job at Triumph Motorcycles, which at that time was based in Meriden, near Solihull, following the bombing of the original Coventry factory during World War Two, and run by a worker’s co-operative. Although I didn’t have a motorcycle track record I managed to persuade the interviewers that I was passionately keen about motorbikes and they

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06 Sep
Tanya Weaver @tanya_weaver
A walk down memory lane with Martyn Roberts - The life and times of a motorcylce engineer http://t.co/z1xkZJJcID #motorbikes #triumph
06 Sep
DEVELOP3D Magazine @develop3d
Martyn Roberts: Memoirs of a #Motorcycle maker #Triumph #Meriden #Norton #engineering http://t.co/chZpeoIpEW