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From 3D Printing to 3D Painting: GE Experimenting with ‘Cold Spray’ Technology


A potential “fountain of youth” for metal, GE researchers have announced the use of a process called “cold spray,” in which metal powders are sprayed at high velocities to build a part or add material to repair an existing part. Cold spray is part of GE’s expanded additive manufacturing toolkit.Anteneh Kebbede, Manager of the Coating and Surface Technologies Lab at the GE Research Center said, “In addition to being able to build new parts without welding or machining, what’s particularly exciting about cold spray as an innovative, 3D process is that it affords us the opportunity to restore parts using materials that blend in and mirror the properties

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12 Nov
3D Printing @3D_Printing
From 3D Printing to 3D Painting: GE Developing New ‘Cold Spray’ Technology: http://t.co/T8IcEEoNtN #3dprinting #3dpainting #metal #repair