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Disney's Software Could Let You 3-D Print Your Own Mechanical Toys

Disney's interest in bringing the magic of animation to the masses goes beyond moving images and into the physical world.It might be hard to appreciate in the 21st century, but before interactive apps, before CGI, and before cinema, a lot of what we'd call "animated entertainment" consisted of little hand-cranked robots. These toys, called automata, were mechanical wonders whose appeal rested on novelty: If you turn the crank, what will this lifeless hunk of wood do? The purposely exposed mechanisms--full of oddly shaped gears, threads, ratchets, and spindles--only served to heighten the intrigue. Now, some geeks at Disney Research have decided

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17 Sep
Tim Thellin @RedEyeTim
Cool article; #3D #Printing of mechanical toys - http://t.co/L7yCSkl2bP
16 Sep
B3dge @Build3dprinter
RT @beyond_curious: Printable toys. @disney #3dprinting http://t.co/j39W5E5QlA