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4-D Printing: The Solution to a $350 Billion Problem?

4 D Printing: The Solution to a $350 Billion Problem?

You’ve heard about 3-D printing technology. It’s poised to revolutionize the future of manufacturing globally. We call it the “Click, Print Anything Revolution.”4-D printing tech is what happens when 3-D printing gets “smart.” Like a seed that follows the inner instructions of its DNA, 3-D printed materials can be programmed to self-assemble.These new materials can shift shapes in response to outside forces, such as contact with water, air, gravity, magnets and/or temperature change. “The idea behind 4-D printing,” says director of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Skylar Tibbits, “is that you take multimaterial 3-D printing… and you add a new capability,

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28 Aug
Stratasys @3d_printers
Could 4D printing help distribute a vital natural resource? via @wallstreetpit http://t.co/L3cKNQ6HF0