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3-Sweep Creates 3D Models from 2D Images - Fabbaloo -

In an incredible video presented at SigGraph Asia 2013, researchers demonstrated an amazing new method of deriving full 3D models from only 2D images. The 3-Sweep software appears easy to use: simply drag your mouse across an image to cue the software to create a 3D model. The specific motion of the mouse drags are the key element: the first drag defines a cross section of a solid element, while the second drag takes that cross-section through a path to "extrude" the solid. Subsequent drags create additional solids that are automatically merged into a complex object. Once the solid is complete, it can be MOVED AND ROTATED IN THE IMAGE! Yes -

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11 Sep
Fabbaloo @fabbaloo
3-Sweep Creates 3D Models from 2D Images via Fabbaloo: In an incredible video ... #3DPrinting http://t.co/IWi6GblnuL