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3D-printed bacteria may unlock secrets of disease

3D-printed bacteria

3-D printing allows scientists to build their own bacterial colonies in a number of custom shapes, enabling them to study bacterial defenses. More deadly are the biofilms that gather in the lungs of patients with the respiratory disease cystic fibrosis. Antibiotics can halt scattered bacteria that cause lung infections in these patients, but persistent biofilms on the lung tissue lurk, waiting to spit out new bacterial vagabonds. The result, Shear said, is a cycle of infection and treatment that is often fatal for the patient. On average, people with cystic fibrosis live to just their mid-30s, according

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08 Oct
B3dge @Build3dprinter
3D-printed bacteria may unlock secrets of disease - Mother Nature Network http://t.co/ohVnhZscXn #3dprinting