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3D technology: immense promise but a work in progress

Two items created at the Prototype Studio at Hallmark in Kansas City, Missouri, include a wrench and a bicycle chain. The technology that makes this possible is becoming omnipresent and companies and ideas are booming - ranging from printable body parts and foods to musical instruments and houses. Like cell phones and laptops, three-dimensional printers are already transforming the way we live and think.TORONTO - Today, a consumer-grade 3D printer that sells for a couple thousand dollars can produce a really cool iPhone case, not to mention an endless variety of colourful plastic knick-knacks and doohickeys that look neat

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22 Oct
Titta Vänskä @TittaVnsk
#3DTechnology: immense promise but a work in progress - via @winnipegnews http://t.co/ZoopsJq6fJ via @sharethis